I Contain Multitudes

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a retired
a crab apple tree

the debris

in an agar dish

“From page 143 of ‘I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life’ by Ed Yong (unfortunately, the first pages of the chapters don’t have page numbers). This was a great exercise. Lots of fun, and will be done some more. Sorry about the poor quality of the copy, but I couldn’t get the book to lay flat.” –Lenora Good

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  1. […] Writing: Check out this site. This is something all of you can do, and maybe have some fun. Poems From Page 143. Be sure to read About This Project, it’s a fun page about one of our favorite characters, Mr. Rogers. Yes, that Mr. Rogers! Anyhow open a book to page 143, read that page, find words that go together, black out the others, and voila! You have a poem. If you like what you’ve accomplished, submit. Here’s mine.  […]

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