The Overstory

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little gifts

pretty stones polished by the creeks

worthless trinkets warmed

pure foraging conversation

rarely grateful

rinsing graywater answers

roots impossible

to abide died

far small dark rot

decay snags luxuriant

riding forth between questions and claim

spare identical self-reliant

“I chose Richard Powers book “The Overstory” because it is by far one of the best books I’ve read in a decade, addressing environmental issues at the same time exploring the human condition and relationships. Characters are rich, storylines intertwine like roots of trees.” –Kathryn Thurber-Smith

One comment

  1. Listening to you on the kindness podcast.
    My husband and I always use this. I first learned what it meant from him. He grew up in Cohasset, MA
    A small quintessential coastal New England town.
    The lighthouse in the harbor, Minot Light, blinks once, then 4 times, then 3 times – 143
    My kind, caring, and loving husband taught me that…
    Thanks for your work.

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