The Almost Moon

(Click to enlarge)
between two green trees
marrying made sense

did you bathe?

I wanted to be alone
thousands of miles away
no matter how close

closed windows hear
screams arced and warbled

I finished
another empty cup

we have always done that
sit, the two of us, drink
an afternoon

tell me how it happened

holding on
I think… I have to be
his chair

… somebody

the word alone

Found poetry needs a good source to borrow from. Thus the only reason I chose Alice Sebold’s “Almost Moon” is that its page 143 was particularly intriguing. One phrase “arced and warbled” set the tone for a poem whose mystery will remain complete. Interpretation? Lots of space for that for curious readers looking far and wide between the lines.

I am a professional teaching pianist and have written poetry ever since I can remember. The exercise of found poetry gives me the opportunity to turn words into someone else’s life testimony. Alfred Booth, correctly capitalized is the pianist. alfred booth, the poet.

My poem. You’ll find the words saved from black-out in clearer (yellow) marker form the title, obviously chosen after I selected what need to be used.

I have the quaint quirk of placing the title of my poem after its text. – alfred booth

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