Vers toi Jérusalem je marcherai

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La fille, sans hésiter,
Le débarrasse de tout ce qui l’encombre.

Je me souvient de ce couple.
Ils ont trouvé la sérénité.

Parents, amis
Il faudra abandonner.

Au Matin
j’embrasse dignement le chemin.

The book is the journal of an acquaintance of my parents who walked all by herself from Normandy to Jérusalem. Made me think of all we need to let go to find our own freedom and of the people who help us. Linked me to my son who is currently walking across the world with a very light backpack, too. – Bérnard Bertail

(I am tremendously touched that my dear French friend Bérnard took the time to contribute to this project, using the book “Vers toi Jérusalem je marcherai.” Given Bérnard’s first language is French, I encouraged him to contribute in his native language, which he did for his poem. For his short description, he wrote in English. I leave it to the resourceful reader to decide if a translation of the poem is in order. -Andy)

One comment

  1. Un très beau texte sur un sujet passionant. Merci pour votre contribution. Lâcher prise. Si important dans notre monde d’aujourd’hui. “J’embrasse dignement le chemin.” Un beau lien vers le “mindfulness.”
    A lovely text on a passionate subject. Thank you for your contribution. Letting go. So important in today’s world. “My kisses are worthy of the path.” A lovely link towards mindfulness.
    Alfred Booth

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